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We provide business analysts that you can rely upon. Not just any business analyst, our people are our own staff. We recruit the brightest, give them the training they need and we talk them through the challenges they face as each assignment is underway. We give them the confidence to give you the confidence that you'll get the outcome you need.


We are here to help you simplify your resourcing needs. Do you need extra staff to help move projects forward, but can't recruit headcount because of organisational limits? Do you think that you might want a contractor, but aren't sure about picking somebody who might not deliver? Would you like the comfort of having the assurance of a major consultancy, but without the cost? If the answer to any of the above 'yes', then call us now.
  • Capable, reliable and personable people
  • Qualified business analysts
  • Delivery outcome is assured
  • Services provided on a Purchase Order, so no concerns about headcount limits.


Viverra was formed on the basis of three different conversations.

  • The first was the wish to get the type of service and ability associated with major consultancies, but at a more affordable daily rate.
  • The second factor was the clients’ eternal hope that relatively cheap contract resource could think beyond a time & materials six-month 9-5 job and really drive towards an agreed outcome.
  • The third conversation centered around how the opportunity to update key organisational technology and commercial applications was missed because even though the business sponsor had the money, there was more work across all business units than the Technology Department could do with the headcount number it was not allowed to breach.

In response to this need, Viverra provides bright and capable business analysts who are our own staff, bought on a purchase order and whose work is assured as necessary. Our people are part of your team, under your direction and working to meet your goals. Our service provides the best of the consultancy approach, at a cost a little more than that of hiring an unknown contractor. Plus, it is bought as a service rather than as a resource, allowing you to meet your own and your executive's organisational goals without worrying that you are breaching corporate policy.

Our Business Analysts have experience across a range of sectors, and all have been taught formal business analysis techniques. Many have passed the highest level ISEB examination in Business Analysis, or are working towards it. You can be sure of their ability.

We are proud of what our people achieve, and we work with you to meet your needs.


"Just what we needed"

Major Transport Provider


We had a business unit shouting at us to upgrade the station staff scheduling application, but we'd reached the maximum number of technology staff that we were allowed. With Viverra, we were able to buy the business analysis services we needed on a purchase order. We got the job done and released the BA after 5 months. Our internal client was very happy.


"We got the right person"

National Newspaper


We had a deadline to meet and I wasn't sure how we'd find somebody suitable in the timescale we needed. Viverra were great and immediately brought two people over to meet us. We choose one, but after a couple of days we weren't sure that he was quite the right person for us. To their credit, Viverra accepted this without question and we had the other person we'd seen replace him. She's done a fantastic job since.


"All this and assured too"

International Insurer


We were struggling to find someone to help us out. It was very re-assuring to know Clare from Viverra would have backup because our Lead BA was stretched in different directions. She fitted in very well; this was a real win for us.


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